Wish List Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the new AlfaStop Wish List.

Wish List is your own personal list of items on the AlfaStop website which are of interest to you - in effect a notepad. Having set up your account, you can instantly add details of any interesting item which you find to your Wish List, no more lost scraps of paper or writing on your hand!

You can create up to 3 separate Wish Lists, each containing up to 50 items. Each of your Wish Lists can be given a name, such as "Sprint", "Spider", "Project SS". Individual items can be transferred from your Wish List to an Easy Quote request.

Please note that as Wish List is private & cannot be read by anyone other than you, it cannot be used to suggest new products to Alfa Stop. I am always open to ideas of new parts which you would like to see in stock, so please click here if you have any suggestions for parts which you would like to see available.

The Wish list is password controlled, enabling you to access your Wish List from any computer. It is advisable to log out at the end of a session if using a shared computer.

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