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About AlfaStop:-  
About AlfaStop

Where is AlfaStop?

AlfaStop is based in Belper

Belper is a former Georgian Mill Town set in the Derwent Valley in Derbyshire, which was designated by UNESCO in December 2002 as a cultural World Heritage Site.

Belper's claim to fame is its role in the Industrial Revolution that transformed first Britain - and then the world. All due to the vision and skills of Jebediah Strutt, who built the town's first cotton mills in the late 18th and 19th century. In fact - Belper expertise also played a major role in starting the cotton industry in the USA, as Belper was the birthplace of Samuel Slater - the founder of the American cotton-textile industry, who learnt his trade as an apprentice to Jebediah Strutt. Belper is now twinned with Pawtucket, Rhode Island USA where Samuel Slater settled.

Although the days of Belper's prominence in the textile industry is past, it remains a town with much still evident from its Georgian and Victorian heydays, with many of its earlier buildings still in existence - its mills, public buildings and gardens.

AlfaStop originally started business by supplying brake parts for the classic Alfa Romeo 1900, 2000 (102 series), 2600, Giulietta 1300, Giulia 101 series 1600, and Giulia 105 series models of the period 1950 to 1966 which were originally fitted with Girling or Dunlop brake systems.

AlfaStop's proprietor, Tony Stevens, reckons that he has spent most of his life searching for elusive parts for his own Giuliettas and Romeo ambulance. Along the way in 1979, Tony founded the Giulietta Register. Over the years, he has amassed a staggering amount of car and product data, and, in 1992, he established AlfaStop in order to offer the benefits of his knowledge and experience to those who share his love of the classic Alfa Romeo.

A comprehensive stock range

The extensive range of quality components AlfaStop stocks has been expanded to include brake parts for Giulia 105 series cars fitted with the ATE system, clutches, exhausts in both normal steel and stainless steel, new range of suspension and transmission parts for Giuliettas & 101 series Giulias, and books and manuals. A listing of all parts stocked can be found on this website.

AlfaStop parts have that little bit more than others. For example, Girling repair kits contain new bleed screws and grease sachets, brake cylinders & brake hose sets are supplied with fixing nuts and washers.

Sourcing continuous supplies

Most items are original specification parts sourced from the original manufacturer or supplier to Alfa Romeo, including ATE, Bonaldi, Ferodo, Fichel & Sachs, Girling and Lemfoeder. Close contacts are kept to ensure continuous supplies.

One of AlfaStop's strengths lies in sourcing essential yet increasingly hard to find parts: for instance, when the original specification Ferodo MZ41 lining material (without doubt the best material for Giuliettas) was discontinued, AlfaStop was able to acquire sufficient stocks for several years to come. An exclusive supply arrangement with Lucas Girling was arranged by AlfaStop for brake master cylinders for the 1900, 2000 102 series, 2600, Giuliettas & Giulia 101 series.

Should an item no longer be available from the original supplier, AlfaStop searches out alternative sources or arranges re-manufacture if there is sufficient demand. In some cases parts are reproduced exclusively for AlfaStop by specialist firms who manufacture for companies such as McLaren, Peugeot, Lucas Girling, Team Toyota & JCB. (Note that AlfaStop does NOT stock "unbranded" parts of unknown origin.)

Parts produced exclusively for AlfaStop include:

Worldwide delivery to satisfied customers

AlfaStop supplies owners and dealers in many countries throughout the world. Most parts are available from stock for immediate delivery using a number of delivery methods which include air mail, Fedex, and Airborne Express, as well as more economic services such as International Surface Mail and road freight to Europe. Payment can be made by MasterCard & Visa credit cards or Bank transfer; French customers can also use the Mandat Postal service.

An exhaust system ordered at 11.00am on a Monday was delivered to our customer in the south of France at 9.00am on the Wednesday, a master cylinder urgently needed by a customer in California was ordered on a Thursday evening, and was delivered at 8.00am Monday. We have also sent exhaust systems to Brazil, South Africa and the USA, fuel tanks to Japan and Switzerland, and windscreens to Australia and Japan.

AlfaStop's business is conducted in English. All the AlfaStop website pages are in English, although many parts are also identified by the original Alfa Romeo part number. Translation of the website pages can be made into other languages including French, German or Italian using a number of software programs such as Alta Vista's "Babel Fish" - but as these are machine translations, they're not always very exact: the results may even surprise you!

AlfaStop prices

AlfaStop is always pleased to give you the current price and availability of any parts which you require, together with the most economic delivery cost. Our customers have found it beneficial to discuss the use or application of the parts with us prior to placing an order because sometimes there are alternative solutions to any given problem.

Customers can use our "Easy Quotes" enquiry form to obtain price and stock information.

Safe driving!

I hope that you will find the AlfaStop website interesting, and look forward to helping you enjoy driving your classic Alfa Romeo safely on the road or track. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you think I can be of assistance to you!

AlfaStop is a member of Specialist Transport Advisory and Testing Utility Society (STATUS) & is proud to be a Trade Supporter of The Federation Of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

Specialist Transport Advisory and Testing Utility Society (STATUS) Trade Supporter of The
Federation Of British Historic Vehicle Clubs

Tony Stevens
1900 / 2000 102 / 2600 / Romeo / Giulietta 750 & 101 1300 / Giulia 101 1600 / Giulia 105 / ...and now, for something completely different