Remote brake light (lamp) switch & T-piece kit

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Part name: Remote brake light (lamp) switch & T-piece kit

Alfastop product code: 1BRM106

Original Alfa Romeo Part No. for reference: N/A

Model: Giulietta,  Giulia 101 series,  Romeo

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Remote brake light switch & T-piece kit

Giulietta brake light switches were originally installed on the end-cap of the brake master cylinder.

This location was not ideal as the switch was exposed to considerable heat from the exhaust manifold, despite the fitting of a heat shield. This was eventually recognised by the factory and the switch was relocated under the bulkhead cross-rail, connected into a 4-way T-piece installed in the transverse brake line.

New genuine Girling type brake master cylinders have not had provision for the switch in the end-cap for over 20 years.

This kit enables you to install a brake light switch remote from the brake master cylinder. It comprises a brass brake line T-piece & a special brake light switch, together with 2 brass male brake pipe unions for connection into a rigid brake line or pipe at a convenient point.


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